Markus Hofmann…simply unforgettable

Natural talent or super brain? In any case a very bright guy, who is wholeheartedly focussed on his topic, Markus Hofmann most probably is one the most inspiring and effective memory experts of Europe and one the most sought-after top speakers for companies of all segments of industry. No matter whether it concerns a corporate event or a public event, he triggers impulse experiences for all audiences, which remain unforgettable.

His promise: the way to mental fitness is an easy exercise for all of us. With a high entertainment value, Markus Hofmann conveys effective learning and memory techniques, which everybody can immediately put into practise. The passionate speaker transforms astonishing knowledge into excellent infotainment and excites every kind of audience, no matter whether they consist of staff members, self-employed people, top executives or sales staff, entrepreneurs or scientists. The participants gain valuable knowledge for themselves which provides all of them with the certain stuff, which is beneficial for their daily professional as well as their private lives as well as for growing personally.

The open secret: As soon as the left and the right hemisphere are interlinked to function as a team, we can easily activate 100 million neurons. How that actually works is shown by Markus Hofmann with a lot of empathy as well as a masterful mix of lively interaction and strongly related to practise.

Convince yourself and allow your brain more exercise. Look forward to Markus Hofmann.


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