Why Memory training?

The first kiss, the first car – there are moments and things we never forget. Maybe you also know the relatives from xxxhampton or xxxxshire..or you have seen the new movie with you you-know-who-I-mean..and hey, who is that person just greeting you in such a friendly way. Anyway, it doesn’t matter..does it?

As if! Whoever wants to stay active in life (and don’t all of us want that?) should be able to meet his new surroundings with respect and to address people and call objects by their right names. All this becomes much easier with a quantum of mental fitness and it is also much more fun. Above all it furthers our private as well as our professional lives…We are able to absorb knowledge a lot easier and recall once memorized numbers, data and facts and remain mentally flexible. That makes us more knowledgeable and relaxed, judgement and decisions, full of imagination and creativity.


We will proceed with: